Expert in the integration of Odoo projects, Helpex supports you in the design and implementation of solutions in your business. This quality makes it possible to link privileged relations with the editor thus making you benefit from best practices and the most successful solution. A successful Odoo integration project is the optimum balance between configuration and customization. Optimizing change management, reducing user tasks, opening the information system to customers and suppliers, streamlining communication and streamlining exchanges, easily and simply recruiting new employees. A successful integration project with Odoo also means connecting the company with its present ecosystem and helping it prepare for the future.

At the end of the Odoo project, you will be able to access your environment quickly from your tablet or your smartphone, and securely. It is around these challenges that the “Expertis” integration methodology is designed. The experts at Helpex are attentive to your organization and work with your teams on the ideal configuration. Migration to Odoo must therefore bring the greatest possible added value to your business. As an expert in the integration of Odoo, Helpex offers comprehensive training, implementation, support and upgradeable maintenance services in several countries.