By entrusting the management and maintenance of your IT infrastructure to Helpex, you offload ungrateful tasks and focus on the heart of your business.
Our outsourcing contracts adapt to the size of your IT infrastructure, age of your hardware or the type of hardware used, your business software and your uses.

Pourquoi l’infogérance ?

– Outsourcing will allow you to focus on your core business and give a hand to specialists in the field
– Reduce the costs linked to IT intervention
– Size IT to the size of its company
– Expertise is essential to face the ever-evolving and increasingly complex threat.
– No longer managing a recruitment, loyalty and training problem in professions that are not your company’s specialization or deemed not to be priority.
– Benefit from a proven reduction in the overall costs of your IT budget and control costs.

Avantage de l'infogérance

– The efficient computer system is a decisive element in your competitiveness.
– Because today you waste too much time performing tasks that are not yours, we offer our outsourcing service.
– Because the outsourcing allows you to increase your flexibility in the face of major and rapid changes in your business sector of your business: organizational change, scope of activity, restructuring …
– Because IT is a profession in its own right and that you need an expert in the field, we are ready to carry out the changes, the new directions, the evolution of technologies and the vital development of your business.